Goals management systems

Most of the advice out there related to goals and productivity doesn’t really apply to me. This is what I’ve noticed.
And I’ve tried a lot of systems: getting things done, desire map, focusing on just one single thing. And the dreaded SMART goals (at least for me, that’s the way it is).

I’ve spent this weekend reading about some other goals management systems than the ones I’ve already tried until now, in the hope that I’ll find one that fits me.
They’ve got some ideas, but no, I haven’t found the one system that I’d happily and joyfully apply from A to Z.

I don’t know whether it’s me or it’s them.
But I guess I’ll need to find my own way and my own system.

If I knew

If I knew what it’s like to have a blog, I would’ve started earlier.

If I knew … I would’ve …

It looks like this is one of the memes of my life.

If I knew it wasn’t such a disaster to leave, and that I could (and did) survive very well, I would have left earlier.
If I knew it wasn’t that hard, I would have started earlier.
If I knew it wasn’t that easy and that it’d take some time to get used to it, I would have started earlier. And I’d have been further along the way by now.

You can always stop if you don’t like something. But you can never go back in time to start earlier.

Too little, too much

This weekend went by like most weekends.
On Fridays, I’m so looking forward to the weekend only to realize, by the end of it, that it over too soon. And worst of it, without me doing too much.
And it’s not just the weekend. That’s true for the whole week. Fridays come too soon, and so do Mondays.
It’s already February. In one week it’ll be the middle of February. And I hadn’t progressed too much on the goals I set at the beginning of the year. On some of them, I hadn’t even started working.
I was thinking today that I’ll need to find a way to focus. To focus on what’s important to me, on what’s important for my life.
And maybe it’ll be a good idea to select a few goals to work on at a time. I feel a little overwhelmed when I think of all the areas where I want to improve my life. I want to organize my work better, organize my house, lose weight, live healthier, be on time with the things I need to do for my job, write regular blog posts here, improve my English and … I am enrolled in two courses right now. Oh, and I forgot about the master’s degree. I’m on holidays for the month of February, when it comes to it. But I do have to choose a subject and title for the final paper until the end of next week.
I should feel overwhelmed a lot, judging by this list, not just a little.
It looks like before focusing; there is some trimming to be done here.
If you’re wondering why you postpone things, it’s a good idea to write everything done. And if it’s a long, humanly impossible to do all at once list, like mine, get in the trimming mode, first.