In search of God

The search for God is of at least two kinds:
– an intellectual curiosity about God
– a search of the soul looking to share its loneliness with God

Nice or well?

Sometimes you want to be a nice person, and you end up working against yourself and being the one who has to lose.

It’s possible that all this nice act might happen because you want to be seen the way you think you are.
But no matter how good of an opinion you have of your level of kindness, a time comes when you put everything in balance.

Which loss will I accept? What weights more?
The loss in the way the other person sees me? Or the loss of my comfort and well being?

In the situation I am now, I reached the point where the discomfort is so uncomfortable that I’ll take being seen as not so nice, maybe even selfish.

Life is …

“Life is a competition.” You’ve probably heard this before. So did I. But I never liked the idea.
And this is not just because I don’t like competitions. I actually don’t believe they are that effective.
I hate the pressure of competition. It stresses me out and I don’t give the best of me when I’m stressed.

Each person is so unique and special that it makes no sense to compare or to enter into a competition with each other. Competition implies there are limited places. And this is simply not true in life.

What I believe is that life is a test. A test of compatibility to see if we can harmonize ourselves with God.

Life is made of chances to adjust yourself and become compatible with God. We are free to do whatever we want with the chances we get. But when the line is drawn, we receive the results.

The reward for passing this test is life. Life for the amount of time that the Person you are compatible with has.