I want to make a confession. I was a “Jehovah’s Witness” since I was 25, until a year and a half ago. That is, for 13 years.  But the time I spent under their influence was much longer. I started reading their magazines when I was 12, and by 14-15 I was convinced that I had to join their organization if I wanted to be approved by God.

Last year in March, I stopped attending their meetings. And one thing I keep asking myself is why did I stay for so long in that organization? Actually, that cult, because that’s what it is.

I always felt that something was off, that something was not right. But I kept ignoring my inner voice, shutting it down, thinking that there must be something wrong with me – I didn’t understand “the truth” well enough, I needed to study more, to be more “spiritual.”

That inner voice we all have – it’s priceless. It’s something to cultivate and listen to. And I think it’s the place through which we can connect to God. I want to learn to trust it again, to listen to it more.

One of the main tactics that cults use is to plant seeds of distrust in that inner voice inside of you, and then, they tell you that the only way to reach God is through them. They couldn’t be more wrong because God deals with people one on one, not with organizations.

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  1. I agree completely! I believe that our own inner knowing is a direct link to Universal Consciousness/Spirit/God/Goddess whatever one’s term is for the great knowing. That inner voice is indeed priceless. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Ai abandonat organizatia profetilor falsi, dar pe adevaratul Dumnezeu si Cristosul lui i-ai gasit?

    Si viata vesnica este aceasta: sa Te cunoasca pe Tine, singurul Dumnezeu adevarat, si pe Isus Hristos pe care L-ai trimis Tu. (Ioan 17:3).

    De curand am abandonat credinta in dumnezeul trinitar dupa o buna perioada de framantare si studiu biblic. Eram curios daca mai sunt si altii care cred intr-un singur Dumnezeu (Tatal) ca si mine si am cautat pe internet si am dat de mai multe organizatii si persoane, dar niciuna aici. Toate sunt din strainatate. Fiind interesat sa cunosc urmasi romani ai lui Cristos i-am intrebat pe doi lideri din USA prin email. Ambii mi-au spus de tine. Este adevarat? Il urmezi pe Domnul Isus sau ai renuntat in al cauta pe Dumnezeu fiind dezamagita de martori?

    O zi binecuvantata!

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