Searching for the best planning method

I’m a big fan of planning. (I don’t always follow through with those plans – but that’s another story.)
Over time, I bought all kinds of planners, planning notebooks and phone applications. I tried to understand most planning methods I came across and tested them to see if they fit me. Haven’t found the perfect one for me. Yet. But I’m hopeful. I know I’m getting there, soon.
The newest thing I’m into is Bullet Journaling.

The Bullet Journal is a notebook with numbered pages where you write everything. Then, you index the most important things by the page number where you can find them.
It’s actually a list of lists. (Or an index of topics.) In between your lists you can write unimportant stuff, things you don’t need to get back to later, records of your life that it’s enough to you have them recorded chronologically.
What I mostly like about this system (for now, as I’m just starting with it) is:
– you have one notebook for everything – I’m actually still transitioning to one, as I already have a few I began some time ago for different topics and projects.
– you can adjust it and personalize it according to your needs. In time, you can even invent your own system, one that fits you perfectly. – Almost, as much as perfection exists.

For more information about Bullet Journaling and a short video on how it works, here’s the link to the Bullet Journal website:

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