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March 25, 2018

Regrets are good. Having regrets helps you self-correct. And life is about self-correcting and self-adjusting yourself to the universal truths, to God, to what it means to be a human and a part of this world. Sometimes we don’t learn nor change unless we feel the pain of regret.


The motivation for goals

February 13, 2018

Every time I accomplished something, I made a silent commitment to myself. A secret decision that I will go for it. And it was all the motivation I needed.

I didn’t tell anyone about it; I didn’t announce the world. And I don’t remember writing it down, either.

That determined inner commitment is more important than any goal system, calendar, application or coach.

If the commitment exists, the tools are helpful, but just the tools alone are a waste of time.


Week planning

December 28, 2017

I tried something new this week. I checked my schedule for the next week and made my must do list for the next week on Friday after work, instead of leaving it to Sunday. And I feel great about it. Like I have the whole weekend to myself. I feel free. Completely free.

Even writing it felt good. Not like making a to-do list for work but like preparing for the start of a relaxing retreat. Never tried this before but will definitely do it again. Same time next week.