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The surprising truth

January 27, 2019

Truth surprises you.
It won’t be how you expected it to be, nor what you wanted it to look like. And it might come from unexpected places.

The truth will shock you first, make you want to look away. Then, it’ll slowly change you. It will cut into the deepest parts of you to get to your core and your essence.

Are you willing to accept it, no matter what? Even if it doesn’t fit in with your plans? Even if it might look like it breaks your world and who you thought you are into pieces? – If it’s breakable, it wasn’t real to begin with.

It might turn out that what the truth broke was but the glass walls of the prison you put yourself in, imagining it’s a safe and cozy palace. And it might turn out that the mirror you were holding in front of you was just distorting your image and limiting your vision.

If you have the courage to pursue truth, you’ll soon discover that what it destroyed didn’t matter after all. It was just dust, blocking the light to your real self and holding back the touch of God.

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What passion is

July 18, 2017

Some say that there is no such thing as passion and that you should forget about finding it.
But what is passion, after all? We imagine it as a constant feeling of pleasure you get when you engage in an activity you love.  Our expectation of how we’d feel when we find our passion has been influenced by the trends in the society we live in. Everyone seems to be after feeling good these days. Gratification on the moment. Ignore whatever pain you feel. Medicate it, if you can’t ignore it. Overlook whatever doesn’t work, pretend it’s not there. Think positive.

If you look up the word passion in the dictionary, you’ll notice that it originates from a Latin word that means to suffer and to submit. This reminded me of the movie “The Passion of the Christ.” Jesus was so passionate about his mission and what he knew was true, that he was ready to suffer for it.

What if passion is not the permanent ecstatic state of being that we imagine?
What if passion means being ready to suffer for what you love and pursuing it even if it’s the most difficult path to take?

If this is what passion is, then the problem is not that you can’t find it or that it doesn’t exist.

The question then becomes, do you want to find your passion? And once you do, are you willing to suffer for it and pursue it no matter what?

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In search of God

May 4, 2017

The search for God is of at least two kinds:
– an intellectual curiosity about God, a need to know the explanations and the details
– a search of the soul wanting to link its loneliness with God, aware that only God can know you completely