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Regrets are good. Having regrets helps you self-correct. And life is about self-correcting and self-adjusting yourself to the universal truths, to God, to what it means to be a human and a part of this world. Sometimes we don’t learn nor change unless we feel the pain of regret.

2 thoughts on “Regrets

  1. Karina

    Short, but powerful- thanks for sharing!
    I think that sometimes it’s true that we need some strong emotion to trigger learning process, but I can also see how regrets may be dangerous. WHat i mean is it’s so easy sometimes to hold on to regrets for too long, identify with them, which makes it difficult to let go off them and move on.

    1. Teodora Post author

      I agree that there is a fine line between the feelings of regret that can help you see the mistakes of the past and motivates you to change and regrets that could keep you captive in the past.
      But I can also see how someone who has felt captive by regrets can, after a while, decide to understand the lessons that are to be learned, try to not to repeat them in the future and move on.
      I think that negative feelings are signals that are trying to send us messages.


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