to get back to who you are and what you really want

Your life is good, and you’ve checked some boxes that needed to be checked, yet things are not quite as you had imagined they would be. There are times when you wonder if your life, or anything you do, really matters.

You feel like something is off in your life, but you can’t tell exactly what. You’ve been having these thoughts, that the path you’re on is not quite the right one for you. But you don’t know what to do about it, nor where you can find the answers you need to move forward.

You have your dreams, but you’re not really pursuing them. Yet, they’re still present in the back of your mind. You know you want to do something about them before it’s too late.

imagine that …

You feel more and more free to be who you really are, and every day that passes brings you closer to the meaningful life you want. You’re at ease with being yourself and you are living your truth.

You start working on those dusty dreams you’ve been postponing for so long, without giving up what you have now in exchange for them.

You make decisions with ease because you’re clear on what fits and what doesn’t fit into the bigger picture of your life. You have the certainty that comes from knowing what you want, and that you’re building it steadily, with confidence and trust.

You feel grounded in yourself and at peace with the way your life is unfolding, knowing that you’re on the right path.

You can get there, and it’s not even that hard. I’ve created Dig Deeper to help people get back to who they are and what they really want, so they can bring more meaning and fulfillment into their lives.

Dig Deeper can help you:

✦ Discover what makes you feel fulfilled, so you can pursue what really matters to you, and enjoy the path to getting there

✦ Uncover the core of what you want, to make sure that you spend your time and energy on what’s meaningful to you

✦ Have a realistic plan to start you on the road to what you want, and learn how to create a doable next-steps-plan forward, no matter where you’re at

✦ Get rid of mental blocks and thoughts that are in your way, so you can move forward with ease and flow

✦ Allow yourself to be more of who you really are, and feel truly free

What’s included:

Unraveling Questionnaire
Before the main session, you receive a questionnaire that helps you gain more clarity and gives you a big picture view of your life, hopes, and what you want to change. It also allows us to start from the foundation of openness and honesty that we need to make the best of our time together.

Dig Deeper + Future Strategy Session
We meet for about 90 minutes in an online session, where I help you figure out the essence of what you want and what makes you feel fulfilled. We map out how to integrate the discoveries we make into your current life, we uncover blocks and thoughts that are in your way, and we create a practical and doable plan forward. By the end of our session, you’ll feel more free to be who you are, go for what you want, and determined to start creating the meaningful life you’re meant for.

Revealing Message
After our session, I’ll send you by email a concise summary of the main findings we unraveled, and your next-steps-to-take plan we arrived at. You’ll also receive the tools we used in our session, so you can use them for support whenever you need them. You’ll be ready to start creating your new life from where you are right now while enjoying the way to getting there.

Support Session
Two weeks later, we’ll meet again for a 30-minute session for additional support. You can ask any questions you might have, now that you’ve had time to reflect and take action on what we discovered. After this session, you’ll feel even more clear, inspired, and determined to follow the path of your true self towards the life of meaning and purpose you deserve.

Start creating the life you were meant to live. Follow the calling of your dreams and your truest self.

The investment for Dig Deeper is 90 €.

If you’re interested in working with me in this program, here are the steps to get you started:
1. Make your payment here.
2. Within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with a link to the questionnaire and instructions for booking your sessions.
3. Then, we’ll hold your Dig Deeper sessions, where we uncover the answers and the plan to get you started on the path to what you really want.
For questions, you can contact me here.

I believe in you and your dreams.