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The little things

Sometimes a small, insignificant thing happens. And it makes you see everything so much clearer – the person, the past …

You get flashbacks of all the clues you’ve had over time. In front of your eyes. And you wonder, how come I didn’t see this before? Was I stupid?

No. You were just in your own story, believing a tale you created for yourself. For the comfort of your mind. For the peace.

You dwelled on it. You clung onto it as long as you could, pretending it was alive.

Until you couldn’t anymore because it was too dead; and it had already started to stink.

6 thoughts on “The little things

  1. Karina

    Indeed, we seem to be wrapped up in our stories to the point we don’t really see they’ve been obsolete for years…Yet we cling to them, mindlessly. I like it : ‘it had already started to stink’- this should definitely become a great wake up call.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Teodora Post author

      Thank you, Karina. Love your choice of words in summarizing the post’s idea. – You motivate me to work on my English. ❤️️


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