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Tricking ourselves and new beginnings

I’ve missed writing here. In the meantime, I’ve tweaked my site like crazy. I wanted to have a perfect looking website before I fully engage myself in blogging. – This is the perfectionist in me and looks like she brought her brother, the procrastinator. I want to do my best to ignore them.

This whole “I need this and that before I start working on what I really want to do” is just a trick of the mind. We try to find logical arguments why we don’t start or continue doing something new.

But what we do is that we trick ourselves out of what we want because we try to avoid discomfort.

Every time you start something new, you feel a level of discomfort. That new thing has the potential to become second nature to you if you continue on the path.

Not everything you try becomes second nature. Some things turn out to just not be your “thing.”

The challenge, then, is to recognize what’s worth continuing with, despite the discomfort of change, and what’s not worth it. And it all comes down to what you truly want. Do you want it enough to overcome the discomfort of the new beginning?

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