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When things gone awry is on repeat

Sometimes you notice there is a certain type of situation that is always repeating itself in your life and the result is not quite the one you want. Or a not so good circumstance lasts for too long.

When you are in the middle of one of these scenarios, the tendency is to think that life is not fair, the stars are badly aligned, and there’s nothing you can do. Or, even if you have a suspicion that part of the fault might be yours, you convince yourself that there’s nothing you could possibly do, anyway.

But situations like these are signs.
Signs that life, or God, is trying to tell you something.
And your assignment is to recalibrate the way you view an area of life.

This recalibration is not easy.
You need to dig deep into your beliefs. And to be brutally honest with yourself. So honest, as if it’s not about yourself. But it is. And that’s what makes this assessment difficult.

It feels like a remolding of your soul. It can be painful. But if you do it, you get yourself out of the circle. You get to not only move on, but you also get accustomed to the teaching style of life, the framework of its lessons.

The next time a lesson comes around, it will take you less time to understand – as long as you are willing to learn.

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